Visit the largest Indoor Rope Park in Europe…

…and this in any weather: dry and windless in winter, cool in summer. For once you can experience the Eiger indoors! In Switzerland’s first Indoor Rope Park five circuits are waiting to be explored.

Under the roof of the ice hall both young and old can balance, climb or fly across the sometimes rather wobbly and challenging courses. Use of the Indoor Rope Park requires no particular level of fitness. All users of the Indoor Rope Park will be supplied with the necessary equipment and instructed by the staff.

Cooli Sach – chame meh mache!

Benz Reichenbach

An stürmischen Wintertagen werde ich mich im Seilpark austoben

F. Mägert-Kohli

Ein MUST für jeden Grindelwald-Gast

Christoph Egger